Inter-faith Arts Week (2008)

The project brought together young students from different faith schools and communities. It provided an opportunity for young people educated and typically sheltered in their own communities to meet and learn with/from people from other communities, whilst working towards a Bronze Arts Award qualification. 

Initial Teacher Education (ITE) Global Citizenship Initiative (2006-2007)

The project pursued two goals: to introduce a global dimension to the teaching of citizenship across the entire curriculum; and
to train trainee teachers in drama techniques to deliver this (and other) aspects of their work.  Working
at Canterbury Christchurch University, Polygon Arts replaced a set number of tutored days during the

School of Rock

Students work with professional musicians to write, perform and record their own original song in one day. Lyrics express a chosen PSHCE theme - past songs have covered bullying, drugs, transitions, the environment.

Mowgli Learns to be a Wolf

Based on The Jungle Book, a performance introduced the characters and the subject matter followed by a workshop which looked at difference and discrimination through animal characters. Students were encouraged to:

• Explore FEELINGS

• CHALLENGE negative behaviour



Power of Ten

A five-week residency with Key Stage 3 students exploring Anti-Social Behaviour by getting to know teenage characters Keely and Darren.

• UNDERSTAND motivations


• Look for realistic ALTERNATIVES

“The programme gave me inspiration and confidence.” Kate, age 15