O Patrin

Touring London secondary schools 21 September - 16 October 2009.


Play and workshop package in association with Romany Theatre Company and Border Crossings Education, part of Origins Festival of First Nations.


"The students enjoyed the practical nature of the workshop... a wonderful and thought-provoking experience." Ann Peers, Stoke Newington School


O Patrin (The Way) is a system of Gypsy symbols imparting knowledge of conditions on the road or showing the way.  

A wail resounds through the thick forest air. A young girl and an old woman meet in a clearing, both struggling to find their way, each dependent on the other to survive. Can they bring themselves to reach out or will one of them have to let go?  

Universal themes of identity and belonging are explored in this specially commissioned play for secondary school audiences. Rich Gypsy heritage including dance and live music is interwoven with imagery of indigenous cultures from around the world. A follow-on workshop encourages students to reflect and find personal meaning in the play’s themes as well as increase their knowledge and understanding of the represented communities.  


Performance 35 minutes ‘in the round’  for up to 60 students followed by workshop (up to 90 minutes). Package can be delivered twice in one day. 

Click here to download the accompanying Resource Pack.


Created through collaborations with members of Aboriginal, Maori, American and Canadian First Nations communities for the Learning and Participation Programme of Origins First Nations. Funded by Esmee Fairbairn, Grassroots Grants and Awards for All.






O Patrin written and directed by Dan Allum

Movement Direction: Fiona Rae

Cast: Rachel Drazek, Sarah Jane Miller, Candice Neergard