Mouth Piece (2004)

The project explored issues around language and identity with around 100 participants from four different, immigrant community groups in North London.

The objective was to develop a theatre rooted in the lives and experiences of its audience, thereby contributing to their cultural means of expression and reflection whilst also providing a recognised conduit for their representation beyond their own social networks. In the pilot project, workshops were run over 3 weeks with 100 participants from four different, immigrant community groups, during which time the company of four actors both researched stories, ideas and images and facilitated participants to explore these themselves through drama games and exercises. This began a dialogue in which elements and phrases of a theatrical language were created and negotiated. This language became the basis of a performance, devised and presented by the company, which was shown to the participating groups as a means for continuing the conversation. The final performance then toured to community and theatre venues in North London, reaching around 200 people, the majority of whom were not able to attend other theatre for financial or cultural reasons.  The project was funded by the Arts Council and the Millennium Awards through the Peabody Trust.

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