Inter-faith Arts Week (2008)

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The project brought together young students from different faith schools and communities. It provided an opportunity for young people educated and typically sheltered in their own communities to meet and learn with/from people from other communities, whilst working towards a Bronze Arts Award qualification. 

Participants could choose their artistic stream – photography, drama or song writing – in which they worked together towards a final presentation. Whilst being guided by professionals, participants were creatively involved from the outset deciding themes to explore, the direction they wanted the work to take, devising and creating it themselves. Support came in exploring techniques and learning skills in their chosen art form.  The programme included theatre/gallery/gig visits for inspiration and a chance to socialise.  The project was funded by Awards for All and the Inter Faith Youth Trust.


Click below to hear the song I Am What I Am written and performed by Arts Week participants.


Slideshow shows selection of photographic work by Arts Week participants.


Thanks to artist facilitators: Margaret Loescher & Lucy Williams (photography) Frog Stone and Morag Cross (drama), Richard Lobb & Mohammed Yahya (song writing).



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