About us


Polygon Arts provides opportunities through the arts for people to participate fully in the life of their communities.  We began in 2003 and are a registered arts charity.
Our work takes place in both schools and community centres, with young people and adults. In all instances, our aim is to play with the idea of what it means, both locally and globally, to be an 'active citizen'.  Our commitment is to community capacity building and the education of the public in ‘citizenship’ and the arts.
Our programmes combine social awareness and dialogue with the development of skills in a range of art forms, focusing on drama, photography and music.  Whether or not we are exploring a particular theme or issue, the approach through the arts is pursued as a mode of social learning and cohesion based on the capacities for individual difference. Collaboration and exchange constitute the principles in which participants learn from each other, enhancing their own creativity and the relationship between themselves and others.  Working closely together, groups develop teamwork, co-operation and a common artistic language.   
All our programmes are led through the facilitation of professional artists and with the desire to create work of the highest quality.


You can see and hear the creative responses of participants on our Projects pages. 


We welcome contact from community groups, schools and artists who are interested in working with us.